Join us as we celebrate International Pi Day (March 14/3.14) with a sloppy joe and pie fellowship on Sunday, March 17! Dinner will be immediately following our Sunday morning service and is open to all. No cost but pies are always welcome!

We meet in the Conference Room at the Richfield Holiday Inn Express, located at 5171 Brecksville Road, Richfield, Ohio.


Let me extend a personal invitation for you to visit the Bible Baptist Church in Richfield, Ohio.

The Bible Baptist church is an independent, fundamental Baptist church ministering in the Summit, Medina, and Cuyahoga tri-county area. We are a local, Bible-based ministry with a world-wide vision located in Richfield, Ohio.

The Bible Baptist Church may not be the biggest church around but we offer you an opportunity to know and worship an awesome God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Our goal is to help you find how you can have a close, personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

The Bible Baptist Church desires to uplift, honor, and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. We want to proclaim the gospel message and see people trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We want to build up individual Believers and their families in the faith. We want to be a positive, Godly influence of salt and light in our schools, workplaces, and communities.

We hope you will accept our invitation and join us as we study and proclaim God's Word, the Bible, together!

--Pastor Alfred B. Davis

Where We Meet


The Bible Baptist Church meets at the Richfield Holiday Inn Express, which is conveniently located at 5171 Brecksville Road (State Route 21) in Richfield, Ohio.

The Richfield Holiday Inn Express is located just off Interstate 77 at exit 146 and the Ohio Turnpike (Interstate 80) at exit 173. Go north on Brecksville Road (State Route 21) less than half a mile.

The Richfield Holiday Inn Express is located on the east side of Brecksville Road, just before the Pilot Gas Station and Truck Stop and Wendys restaurant.

Look for us in the Conference Room.




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News & Notes:

Annual spaghetti dinner following our Sunday morning, February 10, service! Thanks to everyone who helped!

Pastor Alfred B. Davis (Richfield Bible Baptist Church) joined with pastors from around Ohio to testify in support of the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, H.B. 36, on Wednesday, November 28.

Pastors Kevin Folger (Cleveland Baptist Church), Gary Click (Fremont Baptist Temple), John T. Coats II (Metropolitan Church of God In Christ, Columbus), Dan Wolvin (North Columbus Baptist Church), and others who submitted letters in support of HB 36, also testified in support of the bill. They were joined with Chris Long (Ohio Christian Alliance), John Stover (Ohio Value Voters), and Barry Sheets (Citizens for Community Values) and others.

Pastor Davis's testimony can be read at:

Pastor Davis arrives at the Ohio Statehouse to give testimony in support of HB 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Bill. Somebody must have put a "Wand Me" sign on his back...

Surprise dinner for Pastor Appreciation Month following this past Sunday's morning service! Thank you to all who made this happen!

The Richfield Bible Baptist Chrurch celebrated it 36th anniversary on Sunday, September 16!

Pastor Davis preached during the morning service and Bro. Eric Hawout provided special music. After the morning service we had a wonderful dinner followed by a gospel music concert with Bro. Hawout.

A special thanks goes out to all who helped, prayed, and prepared for our anniversary service. The food was delicious, the fellowship sweet, and msic was uplifting and Christ honoring. It was a great day and probably the best attended anniversary service we've had in the past several years.

The Richfield Bible Baptist Church had a booth at the Summit County Fair, in Tallmadge, Ohio, again this year. Below are a few more picturesfrom the fair:

Looking forward to next year!

Memorial Day 2018

Cold War veteran Pastor Davis and his Uncle, WWII veteran Buzzy Davis, at the Richfield Memorial Day Service on Memorial Day, 28 May 18, at the West Richfield Cemetery.

Pastor Davis' Uncle showed up in his United States Army Air Forces uniform, complete with Staff Sergeant stripes. At 94 years old, he was recognized as one Richfield's few remaining WWII vets.

Pastor Davis served in the United States Air Force during the 1980's. He left active duty in 1987 as a Sergeant (then known informally as a "Buck Sergeant", though that rank no longer exists), to go into the ministry.

15 May 18

Behold, the pies of March...

We had a good turnout and great fellowship at our annual sloppy joe & pie fellowship on Sunday, March 18. In fact most people stayed around until about 3:00. We had enough pie that we could invite the hotel staff and enjoy more following the evening service as well!

Pictured are some of the pies: banana cream, blueberry, apple, raisen, chocolate peanut butter, milk, cherry, black berry, and more.



Pastor Davis giving testimony at the Ohio State Board of Education in Columbus, Ohio, on September 19, 2017

Pastor Davis giving testimony at the Ohio State Board of Education in Columbus, Ohio, on September 19, 2017, with Chris Long and Michael Goldstein on the importance of retaining the teaching of the American Founding Documents (Declaration of Independence, USA Constitution, NW Ordinance, Ohio Constitution). The Board ended up kicking the can down the road until October or November because of the high volume of calls and emails they received from concerned Ohioans. This a temporary stay rather than a complete victory so keep praying and keep an eye on this issue for further developments.

Live with Pastor Al from Columbus, Ohio, with Chris Long, President of the Ohio Cristian Alliance. Chris Long and I, along with Michael Goldstein, Ohio Director of Proclaiming Justice To the Nations, gave testimony in support of keeping the testing requirements American government and history before the Ohio State Board of Education today. This is our report on how things went from accross the street from the Ohio State Board of Education Building, at the Foot of Christopher Columbus, in front of the Columbus City Hall (I know, we said the Capitol Building in the video...It was a long day!).


Pastor Alfred B. Davis Testimony in Support of Ohio House Bill 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, 8 February 2017

Pastor Alfred B. Davis spoke before the Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee in favor of H.B. 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, on Wednesday, February 8. Follow the link below to read his testimony.

Read more at Pastor Alfred B. Davis Testimony in Support of Ohio House Bill 36.


Why the Richfield Bible Baptist Church Cannot Be a Member of the Richfield Interfaith Coalition

The Richfield Interfaith Coalition was formed in 2015 to celebrate the diversity of religious faiths and groups in Richfield.

Despite the invitation, Our church cannot be a part of this group. The reason why has to do with intolerance. The Richfield Interfaith Coalition is intolerant of what we believe and the Bible is intolerant of what they believe...

Read more at Why the Richfield Bible Baptist Church Cannot Be a Member of the Richfield Interfaith Coalition.

Origami Gospel Bird

Click HERE for a pdf of the origami gospel bird.

Click HERE or on the image of the bird for a video on how to fold it.

The verses on the pdf are placed so that when the bird is folded it will look like the origami bird to the left.

The top of the wings have Matthew 19:29-32 printed on them, Romans 5:6-11 is printed on the bottom of the wings, and Romans 6:23 is on the neck.

"God loves you" and "Jesus died for you" is written on the center part between the wings.

Our church info is printed on the tail. You can replace that with your own church or ministry info so long as you keep it in the size and location or our church info.

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