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      The Bible Baptist Church began in September 1982. In the beginning, the Church met in the Richfield Elementary School building. A few years later the Church moved to the old Richfield Library building, also known as the Old Town Hall, in the center of the Village. In the early 1990's the church rented 2000 square feet of office space on Brecksville Road which it converted for its use. In 1993 the Church relocated further north on Brecksville Road to a rented building. In March 2009 the Church began meeting in its present meeting place, the Richfield Holiday Inn Express, at 5171 Brecksville Road.

      The mission of the Bible Baptist Church is to obey, honor, glorify, and serve our Lord by preaching and proclaiming the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ while edifying, exhorting, and encouraging His people. We have an active calendar of services and activities and a variety of ministries designed to fulfill our mission. In addition to our regular Sunday services we have nursing home service at nearby Pine Valley Care Center each Sunday afternoon. We also have an informal, weekly Bible study which meets each Friday at 7:00 PM. (Our midweek prayer service each Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM is temporarily on hold due to our recent move.) Special services, meetings, and activities are scheduled from time to time as well.

      Our preaching and teaching is expository, doctrinal, and Bible-based. Our missions program sends the Gospel message to the world around us, both at home and abroad. Our radio program, Late Night Live with Pastor Al, allows us to "earnestly contend for the faith" each Sunday night at 11:00 PM on WHKW 1220 AM. Yet, through it all, we want to maintain a focus on the individuals and families that make up our church, all the while lifting up and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ. As stated in our welcome letter, "First, we want to help people come to Christ by faith, trusting Him as their personal Lord and Savior, so that their sins may be forgiven and that they might be assured of eternal life. Second, we also want to help those who have come to Christ live an abundant and victorious Christian life of service, worship, and growth in order to bring honor and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ."

      The Bible Baptist Church is an unaffiliated, independent, fundamental Baptist church. We are conservative in doctrine and practice, holding unashamedly to the Authorized King James Version of the Bible as God's complete, inspired, preserved, inerrant, and infallible Word in the English language. We reject as unscriptural the charismatic and ecumenical movements, as well as "Christian" contemporary and rock music. We believe in and look forward to the imminent, premillenial, pretribulational coming of Jesus Christ for His saints and His personal, visible, triumphant return following the seven year tribulation period to set up His millennial reign on earth.


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