The Richfield Bible Baptist Church is now meeting at our new location; 4174 Wheatley Road, Suite 200, in Richfield!



Let me extend a personal invitation for you to visit the Bible Baptist Church in Richfield, Ohio.

The Bible Baptist church is an independent, fundamental Baptist church ministering in the Summit, Medina, and Cuyahoga tri-county area. We are a local, Bible-based ministry with a world-wide vision located in Richfield, Ohio.

The Bible Baptist Church may not be the biggest church around but we offer you an opportunity to know and worship an awesome God, the Creator of heaven and earth. Our goal is to help you find how you can have a close, personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

The Bible Baptist Church desires to uplift, honor, and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ in all that we do. We want to proclaim the gospel message and see people trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. We want to build up individual Believers and their families in the faith. We want to be a positive, Godly influence of salt and light in our schools, workplaces, and communities.

We hope you will accept our invitation and join us as we study and proclaim God's Word, the Bible, together!

--Pastor Alfred B. Davis ("Pastor Al")

Where We Meet


The Bible Baptist Church meets at 4174 Wheatley Road, Suite 200, in Richfield, in April.

Our new location is located in a commercial strip building at the southeast corner of State Route 176 and Brecksville Road. We are midway between Akron and Cleveland, near both I-271 and I-77.




The Bible Baptist Church is now on YouTube!

Check out our new YouTube channel at

We are now broadcasting our programs live on our own YouTube channel. You can watch us live or view previous programs broadcast on YouTube Live. We hope to include other videos and podcasts from time to time as well.

So, check out our new Richfield Bible Baptist Church YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!

News & Notes:

19 Aug 22

Celebrating 25 Years as Pastor of RBBC

We celebrated the 25th Anniversary of Pastor Alfred B. Davis as pastor of the Richfield Bible Baptist Church on Sunday, August 7, with a wonderful time of food and fellowship following the morning service.

Thank you to all who helped make the day special and enjoyable and to Pastor Davis for 25 years of faithful service. And thanks be to God for His making it possible!


Plough & Planting at the Fair

We had a good time at the Summit County Fair at the end of July. The crowds were good and we were able to do a good bit of "ploughing and planting" during the week.

The centerpiece of our church booth at the Summit County Fair is the 3-door display.

Some of our guys got creative at the fair this year with some old surveillance cameras and Matthew 12:36 along with a couple of Bible tracts to remind people that God sees all and hears all.

11 Jun 22

Church Dedication

Great time at our church dedication service this past Sunday! Big turnout and a number of guests, including our guest preacher David Iseminger, our good friends Eric and Derricka Hawout, and Richfield Mayor Michael Wheeler.

After an excellent message by Bro. Iseminger from Acts chapter 2 on the power of place we enjoyed a wonderful meal and time of fellowship. In fact, we had enough good food that we were able to enjoy a second meal after the evening service!

Thank you to all who helped make our special day memorable and enjoyable. And thanks be to God for His tremendous blessings. As we sang during one of the hymns, "Little is much when God is in it!"


1 Apr 22

We have moved to our new location!

It's official -- the Bible Baptist Church has moved to 4174 Wheatley Road, Suite 200, in Richfield, Ohio. We received our occupancy permit on Thursday, March 31, and are no longer meeting at the Richfield Holiday Inn Express.


29 Mar 22

We are moving to a new location!

It's official -- the Bible Baptist Church is moving! We are relocating to 4174 Wheatley Road in Richfield, Ohio. After 13 years of meeting at the Richfield Holiday Inn express, we have signed a lease and will be meeting in Suite 200. We are hoping to begin meeting in our new location on Friday, April 1. We will let you know as soon as that is official!


9 Mar 22

Friday Night Bible Study Growing

Our Friday night Bible Study has been growing since the advent of the COVID pandemic. At one time, we were able to set up tables in a large rectangular fashion so that we could all see each other. However, that left a big, unused, open space in the middle of the room. So, when we began running out of room this past winter we had to go to rows of tables in order to increase our seating capacity. Now, we are begining to get a little tight on space again. This past Friday night, for instance, we had about 33 people. We had enough seating but it definately had a full feeling. It is a nice problem to have!


Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Thanks to everyone who helped to make our annual Spaghetti Dinner a success! We had a great turnout for a cold, snowy Sunday with plenty of food. We even had enough to enjoy after our Sunday evening service as well.


Pastor Davis Testifies Before Ohio House Health Committee

The Ohio House Health Committee held hearings on H.B. 324 on Tuesday. H.B. 324, Enact Shirley and Wilma's Law, was introduced by Rep. Gary Click to protect the rights of hospitalized Ohioans to be visited by family and clergy in the midst of a health crisis. Rep. Click introduced H.B. 324 due to his inability as a pastor to visit members of his church in the hospital who were suffering from COVID and seeing them deprived of family visits as well.

Pastor Davis joined with Rep. Click as well as Chris Long, President of the Ohio Christian Alliance, Pastor Dan Wolvin, Ohio Director of Awake America, and several others to give testimony in support of H.B. 324.

A pdf of Pastor Davis' testimony is available at: http://live.mapleknoll.us/HB324-Testimony.pdf.

Unexpected Recognition

We were pleasantly surprised to receive two proclamations of commendation from the Ohio State House of Representatives in January. The first was a congratulations from the Ohio House to the Richfield Bible Baptist Church on the celebration the upcoming (September) celebration of the 40th anniversary of our founding. The second was a recognition by the Ohio House of Pastor Davis' 25 years of service as Pastor of the Richfield Bible Baptist Church, coming up in August.

A special thank you to Richfield’s own, Representative Bill Roemer, who sponsored both of these commendations! And thank you to the Ohio State House of Representatives and Speaker Robert R. Cupp for the honors. May God bless you!


31 Dec 21

New Year's Eve Celebration

Join us tonight as we welcome in the New Year together. Our regular Friday night Bible study starts at 7:00pm. Following the Bible study, we will enjoy some food and fellowship as we welcome 2022!

May this be the year the Lord comes to catch away His people. Maranatha! Even so, come, Lord Jesus.



2021 was a year of challenges. It started with a contested election resulting in a questionable new administration that began immediately positioning itself as one of the most anti-Christian, anti-Sematic, pro-death, globalist administrations our nation has ever experienced. The left-leaning media outlets, the new administration, the leftists in congress, and the leftist controlled social media platforms all conspired to fan the flames of COVID phobia, pushing a questionable vaccine and dividing Americans into the clean (vaxed) and the unclean (unvaxed).

Nevertheless, 2021 was also a year of tremendous blessings and opportunities. In the midst of the chaos and confusion, God has shown His faithfulness and watchcare over our church time and time again.

In January, several of our people succumbed to the Chinese virus, including Pastor Davis who spent most of the last week of January in the hospital. Through it all, the church continued to meet in person, with people filling in where needed and Pastor Davis preaching via Google Meet. December saw another resurgence of COVID and, despite a number of people succumbing once more to the Chinese virus, the church continued to meet for all services. Once again, people filled in where needed and Google Meet made it possible for preaching, even song leading, to continue despite COVID quarantines.

Despite COVID challenges, we were able to continue the radio program uninterrupted during the year as well. We had some great guests, including John Lutz (pastor), Chris Long (Ohio Christian Alliance), Michael Goldstein (Proclaiming Justice to the Nations), Ian Juby (creation researcher, media producer), LaVerne Gore (U.S. congressional candidate), Jennifer Gross (Ohio House representative), James Simpson (author, investigative reporter), Gary Click (pastor, Ohio House representative), William J. Federer (author, historian), Mike Tripoldi (Grace Hospice), and Rod Black (evangelist, author).

Throughout the year, God has blessed in many ways. In June we were able to resume weekly services at a local nursing home (though it was shut down due to illness again later in the year). July saw us at the Summit County Fair once more - mask free. Pastor Davis marked 24 years as Pastor of the Richfield Bible Baptist Church in August, as well 15 years on the radio. Then, in September, our church celebrated 39 years of ministry in Richfield.

Attendance has been up in 2021 and we have continued to see visitors at our Sunday services and Friday night Bible studies. We have seen people come to Christ, grow spiritually, and get more involved in ministry opportunities. Financially, we have seen one of our best years ever this past year, enabling us to give more to missions as well. Also, our church and radio program websites have averaged more views and our social media sites have generated more responses than ever in 2021.

Still, as we enter 2022, we need to remember, as the Lord told Joshua in Joshua 13:1, "...there remaineth yet very much land to be possessed." Until the Lord calls us home, we still have much to do. We need to resolve to do more in the coming year; to "...consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching" (Hebrews 10:24-25).


2 Oct 21

Church Anniversary Celebration



We had a great time at our Church Anniversary Celebration. The Richfield Bible Baptist Church celebrated 39 years of ministry on Sunday, September 19. It was one of the best anniversary celebrations that we have had in years.

Attendance was up, Bro. Eric Hawout was with us again this year, providing special music during the morning service and after dinner. Pastor Davis preached on the importance of the local church and people that compose it for carrying out the work of God in the world around us.

The fellowship and food were both plentiful and exceptional. We had a good turnout, wonderful fellowship, and an incredible meal. A truly blessed day!

To God be the glory, great things He hath done!


Thanks to everyone who helped out, provided food, and attended!


26 Jul 21

Summit County Fair Outreach July 27-August 1

We will be out at the Summit County Fair in Tallmadge, Ohio, this week. We will have a booth at the fair again this year, located in the strip of commercial booths just inside the main gate. Please come out to the fair and stop by our booth to say hello.


21 Mar 21

Pi(e) Day Fellowship


We had our annual Pi(e) Day Fellowship on March 21 this year.Do to scheduling conflicts, we were unable to have it on March 14, the actual Pi Day (3.14).


Still, we had a great time of fellowship, along with over 14 pies to sample, along with sloppy joes, salad, chips, and several sides.


Thanks to everyone who helped out, provided food, and attended!


21 Feb 21

Annual Church Spaghetti Dinner

We had a great time of fellowship at our annual church spaghetti dinner this past Sunday. It was originally planned for the previous Sunday but had to be set back a week.

A few times a year we are unable to use the meeting room due to a scheduling conflict with a group that has been meeting at the hotel longer than we have. Consequently, they preempt us when it comes to using the room. On those occasions we end up either in the breakfast area (Fridays) or one of the upstairs suites (Sundays).

Thanks to everyone who helped out, provided food, and attended!


18 Dec 20

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

We had a memorable Christmas Eve Candlelight Service this year. The day started with a bit of rain and warmer temperatures. After reaching a high in the 50's by early afternoon, the temperatures quickly began to drop and the rain turned to snow.

And snow it did! By evening time the snow had begun to pile up and the roads began to become snow covered and slippery. By the time of the Candlelight Service, we had several inches on the ground and it was coming down fast. By Christmas morning we had nearly a foot of snow, making it the snowiest Christmas we have had in many years.

Consequently, we had a low turnout for the service but a great time of fellowship as we celebrated our Saviour's birth.


14 Oct 20

Church Anniversary Celebration!

Thank you to all who prayed, planned, prepared, and participated in our Church anniversary service last week! Despite corona concerns, we had one of our best anniversary services in recent years. Pastor Davis preached on the local church from 1 Timothy 3:14-16 and Bro. Hawout provided special music during the morning service and again later, after our fellowship dinner.

We had a good time of fellowship with the Hawouts, visitors from other churches, and, of course, our own people. And the food, as always, was delicious. Thanks again to everyone. We could not have done it without you!


18 Aug 20

Despite corona fears & state shutdowns, the Summit County Fair still took place. It was shortened by a day, ticket sales were limited, and face masks or shields were required, but the show went on.

Thankfully, our church was able to be at the fair again this year. Although the numbers were down, we were still blessed to be able to talk with several people, share the gospel with some, and pass out numbers of gospel tracts We even met some people who listen to Live with Pastor Al on the radio!

18 Jul 20

The Bruce Musselman Memorial Service at Cleveland Baptist Church is now available online at:

30 May 20

Our special radio tribute to Bruce Musselman is now available online at:

Pastor Andrew Rusnacko, Pastor John Lutz, Bro. Garry Meeks, and Pastor Alfred B. Davis spent time remembering Bruce Musselman and his lifetime of serving Jesus Christ. We were joined by former pastors Gene Piazza, Alan C. Jenkins, and Mark Gostlin, Pastor Ernie Sanders, and Kevin Isaacs, General Manager of Salem Media Group - Cleveland.

A special thanks goes out to Garry Meeks for his work on the open and close of our special program and for assembling the vintage audio clips of Bruce Musselman and to Carol Rusnacko for providing clips of Bruce Musselman singing. We also want to thank our engineer and producer Eric Wolf for going above and beyond his regular duties to help pull everything together and keep us on schedule during the program.

8 May 20

Obstacles to the New World Order

Many people are concerned about the current coronavirus lock down and its possible prophetic implications. Pastor Davis addressed these concerns in a message Sunday morning, May 3, from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-7.

In this message, Pastor Davis discusses the Mystery of Iniquity that is already working in the world and how God is actively hindering it but that foreshadows of the Tribulation period are occurring more and more frequently and intensely. He also addresses how God has used both the election of Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton and the coronavirus pandemic to both hinder the globalist plans and alert God's people that His return is near.

The YouTube link below starts at the beginning of the message: https://youtu.be/FF_F6uYT510?t=1440.


1 Mar 20

We had a great time at our annual spaghetti fellowship. It was delayed a week due to a scheduling conflict at the hotel but turned out better than expected. We had a number of visitors, both first time and returning, and the best attendance for both a Sunday morning service and a special fellowship that we have had in a while. Plus, the ladies -- and men -- of the church really outdid themselves in putting it all together and providing a great meal.

Spaghetti, salad...

..and more...

...plus desserts at our annual spaghetti fellowship!

13 Nov 19

Pastor Al Opens Session of the Ohio House of Representatives

I had the privilege of giving the opening invocation prayer for the Ohio House of Representatives at the Ohio Statehouse on Thursday, October 24. Representative Bill Roemer invited me to participate in the Guest Minister program, which provides opportunities for Representatives to invite ministers from their districts to open House sessions with an invocational prayer.

I gave the prayer on the platform where President Abraham Lincoln once addressed the Ohio Legislature. From left to right, I stood with Representative Bill Roemer, who introduced me, and Speaker of the House Larry Householder.

Richfield Village Council Member, Dr. Gary Domanick, and I met with Representative Bill Roemer prior to delivering the invocation prayer at the Ohio House of Representatives. Representative Roemer, also from Richfield, lives on the farm that Pastor Al's Dad grew up on.

You can read the prayer at Statehouse Prayer or watch the entire session, beginning with the prayer, at The Ohio Channel.

18 Sep 19

Pastor Alfred B. Davis at the Leland-Madison Memorial Park in Orange, Virginia.

Pastor Al and Mrs. Kim Davis visited the Leland-Madison Memorial Park in Orange, Virginia, on Wednesday, 18 Sep 19. The park commemorates the meeting between Baptist pastor John Leland and James Madison that resulted in the Bill of Rights being added to the United States Constitution.

Pastor John Leland was an influential, outspoken leader of the Baptists in Virginia who were concerned that the new Constitution lacked sufficient protection for religious minorities. Leland appeared to have the votes to unseat Madison and vote against ratifying the Constitution. If Virginia had voted to reject Constitution, then it would likely have failed to receive a majority vote of the 13 states and been rejected. Rejection of the Constitution would likely have resulted in the breakup of the United States into two or more smaller countries.

Madison, learning of the threat to his seat and the ratification of the Constitution, traveled to meet with Leland and discuss the situation. They met near the site of the Leland-Madison Memorial Park where Madison listened to the concerns of Leland and the Baptists. They came to an agreement where Leland agreed to drop out of the race and endorse Madison and the Constitution upon Madison's promise to sponsor a Bill of Rights to the Constitution guaranteeing, among other things, religious liberty.

Unfortunately, the influence of Leland and the Baptists of Virginia in the ratification of the Constitution and inclusion of the Bill of Rights is little known to most Americans. However, if you are a lover of freedom or a student of history, the Leland-Madison Memorial Park is a must see. If you are a Baptist, then it should be on your Baptist Bucket List.

You can also listen to the monologue from our Sunday, 22 Sep 19, program where Pastor Al discussed the importance of the Leland-Madison Park as well: http://live.mapleknoll.us/Leland-MadisonMemorialPark.mp3.

Church Anniversary Celebration!

15 Sep 19

We had a great time at our church anniversary service. Pastor Davis preached, Bro. Eric Hawout provided special music, and the people of the church provided table loads of food to feed us all.

God bless & thank you to all who helped, prayed, and invited people to make our 37th anniversary a success!

Great Time at the Summit County Fair!

7 Aug 19

The July heat wave broke just before the fair started, giving us some very comfortable temperatures. First year without rain as well.

The good weather translated to nice crowds and people willing to spend time talking with us at our booth. One of the highlights was getting to go through the Three Things God Cannot Do display with a Muslim couple. Hopefully the first thing, that God cannot lie, will come back to them when their sitting in their mosque and the Imam teaches on how Allah is the chiefest of deceivers...

Thank you to all who volunteered, prayed, and helped so that we could staff the booth, reach out, and be a witness at the fair all week.

Summit County Fair Booth!

22 Jul 19

Visit our booth at the Summit County Fair July 23-28. We are located just inside the main entrance to the fair. The fairgrounds are located at 229 E. Howe Road in Tallmadge, Ohio, though the main entrance is just north of Howe Road on St. Rt. 91.

Our booth will be staffed throughout the days and nights of the fair so there should always be someone there to talk with. Also, Pastor Davis will be live on the radio Friday afternoon from the fair. Our "3 Things God Cannot Do" board will be back again this year. It is always quite the conversation starter.

We will also have a tv set up to play a variety of Christian videos. We have a variety of videos that play throughtout the day ranging from history to theology to creationism and more. It makes a great place for people to sit for awhile, enjoy a video, and ask questions.

If you are planning to visit the fair please plan to stop by and visit our booth!

8 Jun 19

Pastor Davis Participates in Special Ceremony in Washington DC on the 75th Anniversary of WWII D-Day Landings

Pastor Alfred B. Davis of the Bible Baptist Church in Richfield, Ohio, participated in the unveiling of a World War II Memorial Prayer plaque and reading of the D-Day Prayer by President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC on June 7, the 75th anniversary of the 1944 D-Day landings. Ohio Senator Rob Portman, sponsor of the WWII Memorial Prayer Act (signed into law by President Obama on June 30, 2014), organized the plaque presentation with Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long. Pastor Davis, along with Senator Portman, Chris Long, and others participated in reading President Roosevelt's historic prayer in the Circle of Remembrance on the Atlantic side of the WWII Memorial where a permanent display of the prayer will soon be added.

Pastor Davis, along with Chris Long, Sylvia Long, and author and historian Bill Federer presented a check for $20,000 to Friends of the WWII Memorial board member Josiah Bunning for the future development of this important project.

Also participating in the presentation: U.S. Parks Superintendent Jeff Reinbold, members of Senator Portman's staff, and members of Representative Bill Johnson's staff. Rep. Johnson was the original sponsor of the WWII Memorial Prayer Act in the House.

Media coverage of the event was provided by the Washington Times, Cleveland.com, and the Christian Broadcasting Network

The end of our Sunday night radio program (26 April 2019) yielded a surprisingly funny twist for our Facebook Live viewers...

Listen to a biblical tribute to godly mothers. From our Mother's Day, May 12, 2019, radio broadcast.


Annual Pie Fellowship at the Bible Baptist Church, 17 March 2019

Annual spaghetti dinner following our Sunday morning, February 10, service! Thanks to everyone who helped!

Pastor Alfred B. Davis (Richfield Bible Baptist Church) joined with pastors from around Ohio to testify in support of the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, H.B. 36, on Wednesday, November 28.

Pastors Kevin Folger (Cleveland Baptist Church), Gary Click (Fremont Baptist Temple), John T. Coats II (Metropolitan Church of God In Christ, Columbus), Dan Wolvin (North Columbus Baptist Church), and others who submitted letters in support of HB 36, also testified in support of the bill. They were joined with Chris Long (Ohio Christian Alliance), John Stover (Ohio Value Voters), and Barry Sheets (Citizens for Community Values) and others.

Pastor Davis's testimony can be read at: http://bbc.mapleknoll.us/oppatestimonysenate.html

Pastor Davis arrives at the Ohio Statehouse to give testimony in support of HB 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Bill. Somebody must have put a "Wand Me" sign on his back...

Surprise dinner for Pastor Appreciation Month following this past Sunday's morning service! Thank you to all who made this happen!

The Richfield Bible Baptist Chrurch celebrated it 36th anniversary on Sunday, September 16!

Pastor Davis preached during the morning service and Bro. Eric Hawout provided special music. After the morning service we had a wonderful dinner followed by a gospel music concert with Bro. Hawout.

A special thanks goes out to all who helped, prayed, and prepared for our anniversary service. The food was delicious, the fellowship sweet, and msic was uplifting and Christ honoring. It was a great day and probably the best attended anniversary service we've had in the past several years.

The Richfield Bible Baptist Church had a booth at the Summit County Fair, in Tallmadge, Ohio, again this year. Below are a few more picturesfrom the fair:

Looking forward to next year!

Memorial Day 2018

Cold War veteran Pastor Davis and his Uncle, WWII veteran Buzzy Davis, at the Richfield Memorial Day Service on Memorial Day, 28 May 18, at the West Richfield Cemetery.

Pastor Davis' Uncle showed up in his United States Army Air Forces uniform, complete with Staff Sergeant stripes. At 94 years old, he was recognized as one Richfield's few remaining WWII vets.

Pastor Davis served in the United States Air Force during the 1980's. He left active duty in 1987 as a Sergeant (then known informally as a "Buck Sergeant", though that rank no longer exists), to go into the ministry.

15 May 18

Behold, the pies of March...

We had a good turnout and great fellowship at our annual sloppy joe & pie fellowship on Sunday, March 18. In fact most people stayed around until about 3:00. We had enough pie that we could invite the hotel staff and enjoy more following the evening service as well!

Pictured are some of the pies: banana cream, blueberry, apple, raisen, chocolate peanut butter, milk, cherry, black berry, and more.



Pastor Davis giving testimony at the Ohio State Board of Education in Columbus, Ohio, on September 19, 2017

Pastor Davis giving testimony at the Ohio State Board of Education in Columbus, Ohio, on September 19, 2017, with Chris Long and Michael Goldstein on the importance of retaining the teaching of the American Founding Documents (Declaration of Independence, USA Constitution, NW Ordinance, Ohio Constitution). The Board ended up kicking the can down the road until October or November because of the high volume of calls and emails they received from concerned Ohioans. This a temporary stay rather than a complete victory so keep praying and keep an eye on this issue for further developments.

Live with Pastor Al from Columbus, Ohio, with Chris Long, President of the Ohio Cristian Alliance. Chris Long and I, along with Michael Goldstein, Ohio Director of Proclaiming Justice To the Nations, gave testimony in support of keeping the testing requirements American government and history before the Ohio State Board of Education today. This is our report on how things went from accross the street from the Ohio State Board of Education Building, at the Foot of Christopher Columbus, in front of the Columbus City Hall (I know, we said the Capitol Building in the video...It was a long day!).


Pastor Alfred B. Davis Testimony in Support of Ohio House Bill 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, 8 February 2017

Pastor Alfred B. Davis spoke before the Ohio House Community and Family Advancement Committee in favor of H.B. 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, on Wednesday, February 8. Follow the link below to read his testimony.

Read more at Pastor Alfred B. Davis Testimony in Support of Ohio House Bill 36.


Why the Richfield Bible Baptist Church Cannot Be a Member of the Richfield Interfaith Coalition

The Richfield Interfaith Coalition was formed in 2015 to celebrate the diversity of religious faiths and groups in Richfield.

Despite the invitation, Our church cannot be a part of this group. The reason why has to do with intolerance. The Richfield Interfaith Coalition is intolerant of what we believe and the Bible is intolerant of what they believe...

Read more at Why the Richfield Bible Baptist Church Cannot Be a Member of the Richfield Interfaith Coalition.

Origami Gospel Bird

Click HERE for a pdf of the origami gospel bird.

Click HERE or on the image of the bird for a video on how to fold it.

The verses on the pdf are placed so that when the bird is folded it will look like the origami bird to the left.

The top of the wings have Matthew 19:29-32 printed on them, Romans 5:6-11 is printed on the bottom of the wings, and Romans 6:23 is on the neck.

"God loves you" and "Jesus died for you" is written on the center part between the wings.

Our church info is printed on the tail. You can replace that with your own church or ministry info so long as you keep it in the size and location or our church info.

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